POEM : Value of Friendship

We sail close the edge of life valley
Slide down intimacy track
Walk across feeling bridge
Without dawdle time
Not matter leg hesitate shaky
No matter lip cover tongue tied
No matter eyes behave vagueness
We will traverse in fall and get up
With all our body and soul

We break through dark curtain
Going straight without turn off
Walking without enslave radiance
Never ignore self dare
No matter hand will struggle the target
No matter aching waist openly body
No matter have to trip after dawn gloomy
We gather our sympathy
In loyal heart

Yes, friends 

We attend that intimacy plain
Sharing gulp cheerful cup
Sharing delicious joyful meal
Never ignore sorrow moment
No matter have to sink in upset time
No matter have to hiccups in dissappointment
No matter in dispute situation
We spittle envy and jealousy
In strong solidarity

 And we...
Together in honestly love
Unite in purity heart
Celebrate the honourable friendship

Riesna Zasly
Oktober 2011
Terjemahan dari Puisi "Raikan Citra Sahabat"
untuk YMCA Deaf Club 5th Anniversary

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